The weight gain was inevitable, given all the extra hardware under the hood. “It’s literally like being fired out of a slingshot in a time-warp continuum,” Lutz says, but with stability enhancement to help keep the tail straight when nailing the throttle while exiting a corner.

Production starts in July, and the ZR1 will be on sale in August or September. GM can build about 2000 ZR1s a year with a choice of seven colors. Each car will have a unique VIN that incorporates the sequential build number, which should please collectors.

The Vette to End All Vettes—Literally

Since its launch, the Z06 has always been “the best dollar-for-dollar sports car on the planet,” but that’s kind of like being called the “best pound-for-pound fighter” in boxing. You might be very good, but there are still bigger, stronger opponents out there who’ll knock you flat on your rear. In the case of the Ferrari 599-baiting ZR1, however, it doesn’t look as though we need any qualifiers whatsoever—it’s going to rock, plain and simple.

And with the fear that high-performance vehicles like this may be legislated out of existence in the future because they can’t meet emissions standards, we plan to enjoy every minute we can, just in case.

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