C/D: Obviously, this car has been in the works for a long time, but the timing is certainly propitious.
Mays: Ironically, this car is incredibly patriotic. We didn’t plan the car to hit the Zeitgeist as wonderfully as it does at the moment, but I get a huge sense of patriotism when I see this vehicle, so I’m happy that it has captured that as well as it has.

C/D: Do you see this car going forward into production?
Mays: Should we ever pick up and go forward with making more than one, we’ll probably pick up and carry on from the last GT40 serial number. I don’t see this as serial number 0001, but we’ll probably start with 11-something. I see this as a reissue of a classic-slight modifications to update and improve it, but at first glance it’s a GT40.

C/D: What was up with that code name?
Mays: Petunia? We tried to come up with the most sissified name we could to throw people off.

C/D: How about the interior? Similarly authentic, but upgraded with aluminum trim?
Mays: I’m getting pretty fed up with aluminum at this point. Every show car on the face of the earth has an aluminum-detailed interior, and so we continue to take aluminum off this car. I’m becoming less and less enamoured of modernity for modernity’s sake.

C/D: Well, best of luck getting the reaction it takes to hit production, and get well soon!
Mays: Thanks!

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