The Track T-800CDI is produced by Dutch company E.V.A. Products, which also manufactures custom motorcycle bits and accessories. These brilliant fellows let Daimler spend millions to develop a small-displacement turbocharged diesel, as installed in the Smart, then stuffed said engine into a custom motorcycle frame. Moreover, they’ve modified the 800cc engine to run on diesel, bio-diesel, or SVO (straight vegetable oil). While other survivors are dueling over remaining petroleum reserves, you can fill up from every abandoned semi, restaurant, or grocery store with the oil product of your choice. With more than 20,000 McDonald’s locations in North America, finding french-fry oil shouldn’t be an issue. And you won’t have to fill up too often—The T-800CDI gets up to 100 mpg and promises a 115-mph top speed. With flat-black Raptor styling, it’ll help you look like the post-apocalyptic bad-ass you’ll need to be.

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